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Fair Share Divorce for Women, Second Edition
(St. Martin’s Press)

A new and revised edition of the practical guide that integrates legal and emotional aspects with comprehensive coverage of the financial aspects of divorce to insure a woman gets her fair share.

Fair Share Divorce For Women, Second Edition is a powerful remedy to the financial obstacles facing the more than 1.1 million women experiencing divorce each year. Certified Financial Planner Kathleen Miller’s first edition proved to be an authoritative resource designed to give women the support, guidance and information they need to safeguard their marital assets.

This completely revised edition builds upon that success and includes recent case studies that reflect modern marriages, updated statistics, and a comprehensive appendix of resources. Topics include:

  • The modern marriage: second marriages, corporate wives, and challenges for women who are primary earners
  • The five stage of divorce and how to cope with each stage
  • Tips for managing your lawyers and saving legal fees
  • Child support and parenting plans that protect the kids
  • What to do with the settlement money –proven financial planning tools, checklists and charts
  • How to move on: Pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements

Grounded in the experiences of her clients, Kathleen Miller’s advice is clear, concise and refreshingly positive as she guides readers through managing their divorce process and creating a sound financial plan.