The Media Divorce

People are taking their spouse to the media rather than to court for their divorce.

There have been many divorce cases making the headlines around the country. Just a few of them include:

1. The Blixseths filed for divorce in the community property state of California. Their world is one of private jets, boats, 12+ properties, etc. One of their most valuable assets is the Yellowstone Club, an exclusive retreat community in Montana. They are now not only arguing over their divorce but also the management of the Club, as well as facing a suit from current investors. This battle is being fought in the courts of Virginia City, Montana, population 130 and in the media. I discussed my concerns in an earlier blog when the Blixseths original plan was to get a “do it yourself” divorce. do it yourself divorces don’t always work out as planned, especially high profile divorces that use the media as their playground. This plan has obviously not worked and has become very bitter for the Montana Yellowstone Exclusive Club founders and their investors.

2. In New York we have another high profile divorce between Tricia Walsh-Smith, a former actress and playwright, and Philip Smith, the largest theater owner on Broadway. She took their marriage to YouTube, exposing details about their love life, family members and more.

3. Heather Mills became so frustrated with the way she was being presented in the media by her husband Paul McCartney, she struck back. She went on a media tour of national TV giving tearful interviews about feeling angry and jilted. As with many of these “media campaigns” part of the plan is to publicly humiliate their spouse and attempt to re-establish their own self esteem. It is a sort of revenge for their dismissal and get out those tearful feelings for all to see.

So is this the next phase of divorce litigation in our media world? Is it effective? What are the legal implications? In the days before no fault divorce, spouses had to buy their way out of marriage. Divorces took time, money to keep the other spouse quiet about the affair, and lots of cash. Today we have pre- and post-nuptial agreements and no fault divorce, allowing people to get a divorce without cause. It says you should start early, be prepared, and try to stay out of the news.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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