The New Divorce Team: Attorney, Therapist and Plastic Surgeon

The Chicago billboard that reads, “Life is short. Get a Divorce,” has caused quite a controversy. You also need a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) to add to this team of experts. Someone needs to analyze the financials in this divorce where she is getting breast enhancements and he is working out to get six pack abs. 

This billboard ad has stimulated a lot of discussion in Chicago. For some it was amusing, for others offensive, disgusting and in bad taste. New York’s Raoul Fleder said the ad was a new low for the law profession. Frankly, I think the ad represented all of these views, and got the law firm the attention and dialogue they were after.

But there is an expert that is definitely needed in the contemporary divorce process. Your attorney can handle the legal aspects, however, if you have financial issues, you need to see a financial adviser who specializes in divorce planning as soon as possible. A Certified Financial Analyst(TM) is licensed and trained to provide financial support services to clients, attorneys, and mediators. You will find that you can save money and have a much better understanding of the finances with a CDFA’s input. These financial experts will help you to:

- Identify, collect, and organize the financial information you and your attorney will need.

- Create pre- and post-divorce budgets with detailed footnotes.

- Determine the amounts of temporary maintenance and child support you realistically need throughout the divorce process.

- Create a plan to obtain the assets you are rightfully owed.

- Analyze various settlement options showing alternative divisions of assets and income projections.

- Establish a realistic post divorce financial plan.

The Wall Street Journal also recently published an article on managing your finances during divorce, ”Divorce: Counting Money Gets Tougher” for additional information. In addition you can visit to find a qualified financial planner in your area.

I provide several case studies in my book ”Fair Share Divorce For Women” that you will find helpful in this financial area.

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